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Once upon a time… the Atlantic Forest (also known as Mata Atlântica) covered 130 million hectares (15% of the whole area of Brazil) and extended over 17 Brazilian estates. Over the past 5 centuries, logging, mining, farming, grazing, wildfires and unplanned urbanization have had a significant impact on the ecosystem. Political lobbying related to grazing has led to a weakening of environmental laws. Conventional agriculture and farming methods have resulted in the erosion of soils and destruction of forests and their eco-systems. Today, less than 10% of the forest remains.

Nonetheless, the Atlantic Forest ia considered to be a global hotspot, namely , one of the richest areas of biodiversity on the planet. The forest is home to more than 20,000 plant species, 990 bird species, 300 mammal species, and more than 900 other vertebrate species (reptiles, amphibians and fish).

The protection of the forest relies considerably on actions by private or community groups. We, at Fazenda dos Cordeiros, are part of this global network fighting to preserve life – human and non-human – through ecological initiatives. We are uniquely positioned to do so: Fazenda dos Cordeiros lies in the heart of the Atlantic Forest. Situated in Silva Jardim, we are less than an hour away from Rio de Janeiro but a universe apart from its urban concerns.

Deeply immersed in the local community, our mission is to help develop the human capital within it, so we can create the wider awareness of the interconnectedness between human civilisation and environmental conservation. We also reach out to the urban communities through our educational project – Aprendiz de Fazendeiro (or “Farmer’s Apprentice”) – to educate the next generations of school children about nature and the environment through “on the ground” experiences, such as planting trees, looking after wild and domestic animals.

At Fazenda dos Cordeiros, we are also strongly committed to hands-on conservations projects. More than half of the tree species and 92% of the amphibians in the Atlantic Forest are found nowhere else in the world. Healthy forests provide food, shelter and habitat for biodiversity. The Golden Lion Tamarine, a small New World monkey, is indigenous to Silva Jardim and is an endangered species. Fazenda dos Cordeiros has been active in preserving this species by providing sanctuary to one such family in our private reserve. Other projects at Fazenda dos Cordeiros involve the cleaning of water supplies, helping rehabilitate natural springs and restore riparian vegetation. Our water projects provide a direct benefit not only to plant and animal life, but also to people living in densely populated cities, who rely on the supply of fresh water from Atlantic Forest sources.

Join us at Fazenda dos Cordeiros. Bring your knowledge and expertise, bring your willingness to learn, bring your energy to help us help nature. Welcome to Fazenda dos Cordeiros. Welcome to our dream and to our life, dedicated to saving the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest.

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